BEST Stretcher Bars

BEST Stretcher Bars

When considering a stretcher frame for your work you want to make sure it will fit well, be constructed of quality materials, be absolutely straight, and stand the test of time. At Rex Art our family has sold stretcher bars for four generations - since 1950. We know a good stretcher bar when we see one, and whether it will stand the test of time. There are many of types and quality of bars available. Unfortunately, many of them are inferior. Don't make the mistake of buying poor quality bars, which will cost more in the long run. At Rex Art we only carry bars that meet our stringent quality standards. Our bars come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to be straight - if you ever receive a bar that isn't just let us know, and we will replace it. The Best Stretcher Bars are some the finest quality bars that we carry. But why should you buy Best Bars?

  • Made from only the finest raw materials
  • 100% US manufactured
  • A full range of bar styles for all applications
  • Matching cross braces for all styles of bars sizes to fit your exact frame
  • Custom sized bars and braces available by special request
  • All Best Bars will be free from knots and completely straight - 100% Guaranteed by Rex Art
  • All bars are designed so that the canvas is a full ½" from the bar - which eliminates all "ghosting" on the canvas
  • Rounded back edges reduce surface friction allowing for a smoother, tighter draw of the canvas

When it comes to your stretcher bars trust our family at Rex Art to help you with your next project. We have friendly, knowledgeable family members standing by to help you with your order. We know there are a lot of options, and it can be very confusing. We are here to help you! Just give us a call or email. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Fuel your creativity...

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