Artist Canvas & Painting Surfaces

Artist Canvas & Painting Surfaces

Rex Art offers a huge selection of artist canvas from well known manufacturers including Fredrix, BEST, Jack Richeson, Strathmore and many more. We are committed to providing the highest quality materials, as well as great prices. Choose from stretched or rolled blank canvases, canvas panels or pads, and a variety of shapes and sizes. We're sure to have what just the right painting surface for your next project.

If there is a canvas you are looking for that you do not see please e-mail us or call us at 800-REX-ART2 (739-2782), and we would be happy to research it.

The material used to construct an artist canvas can have a significant effect on your project. Cotton canvases are a great buy because they’re often more affordable and much easier to stretch than other fabrics. However, for large scale paintings, cotton may be too stretchy. Linen is another popular artist canvas choice. Linen is generally regarded as a stronger and more durable material than cotton. Although blank canvases can be difficult to stretch and prime over canvas panels, it offers the smoothest and stiffest surface for painting. Linen is more expensive than other materials, but it is considered the traditional choice for artists.

There are other synthetic materials used to make an artist canvas. Polyflax, for example is one we offer in our selection. Polyflax constructs durable and economical blank canvases, but stretching it over canvas panels may be difficult for those unfamiliar with it. Luckily, many polyflax canvases come with instructions to assist in this process.

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