Canvas Stretcher Bars & Accessories

Canvas Stretcher Bars & Accessories

Canvas stretcher bars are pre-cut and spliced for easy assembly. All of our stretcher bars are high quality and great for stretching your own canvases. Rex Art carries a wide variety of stretcher bars from trusted manufacturers such as Fredrix and BEST. Choose from lightweight to heavy duty, depending on your needs. Save even more when you buy in bulk.

Choosing the Right Stretcher Bar
Stretcher bars come in a variety of weights and sizes to suit the specifications of different types of canvases. Artists can customize the look and feel of a canvas by using different stretcher bars. A small painting can be built economically and quickly with lightweight or standard stretcher bars. Artists can also add dimension to a small painting by building it with heavy duty stretcher bars, creating a small piece that really stands out from the wall. However, large paintings require heavy duty bars. Canvases stretched on long spans of lightweight stretcher bars run a greater risk of warping over time. Cross braces greatly reduce the tendency for a canvas to warp and provide extra strength and stability. The recommended spacing of cross braces is every 24" - 36".

Light Weight Stretcher Bars
Medium Weight Stretcher Bars
Heavy Duty Stretcher Bars

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