Air Filters and Air Purifiers

Air Filters and Air Purifiers

AllerAir 5000 D Exec Air Filter

Art should have a deep impact on your soul, not your health. Protect your creativity by purifying the air you breathe. Most general air purifiers only trap airborne particles, but can't neutralize the harmful chemicals and odors produced by many art supplies and materials. Rex Art offers the all-natural power of AllerAir’s activated carbon and true HEPA filtration to remove these harmful chemicals, gases and odors.

"Artists don't realize that as they create, they're also generating indoor air pollution which is harmful to their short and long term health. Numerous art materials produce noxious fumes which have an insidious and subtle effect..."

- Ted Rickard, Former Manager of Health and Safety
(OCAD-- Ontario College of Art and Design)

Potential hazards:
  • Turpentine and other solvents
  • Pigments
  • Aerosols
Best choice: AllerAir 5000D with Vocarb Carbon
Potential hazards:
  • Pigments in pastel dust
Best choice: AllerAir AirMedic
Potential hazards:
  • Silica Dust
  • Lead
Best choice: AllerAir AirMedic
Potential hazards:
  • Plaster, rock, or wood dust particles
Best choice: AllerAir AirMedic