Portfolios & Presentation Cases

Portfolios & Presentation Cases

Rex Art carries a wide selection of presentation cases and art portfolio cases for artists and photographers. Choose from a wide art portfolio case selection, which includes the traditional carrying cases for artists, sometimes called art cases, or presentation cases with rings and pages, along with a variety of alternative presentation materials.

Not sure which art case is right for your project? See choosing the right presentation product below.

Choosing the right presentation product

Portfolio Case - Portfolios are the traditional carrying cases for artwork. They are usually zippered, but also may have tie closures. They are usually empty and are often available in larger sizes.

Presentation Case - Presentation cases are similar to portfolios, but feature a binding and sheet protectors in which to display artwork. Since they have a binding, they are not usually available in extra large sizes.

Compact Presentation Album - Compact presentation albums are books with sealed pages. They have a fixed number of pages and are not refillable. Their slim design makes them perfect for promotional materials and portable presentations, such as model or photographer portfolios.

Spiral Book - Spiral books fit somewhere between a presentation case and a compact presentation album. They are still slim and make a very clean, compact presentation, but rather than having sealed pages, they are bound with spirals. They may be fixed or refillable.

Ring Binder - Ring binders are professional versions of the binders you remember from school. They may have the classic three ring system or a multi-ring system. The three ring style makes the binder easy to use with a three hole punch and the multi-ring system makes the binders compatible with presentation pages.

Rod Binder - A rod binder is similar to a spiral book, but uses fixed cartridge of sheet protectors. The cartridges attache to the spine with a rod. The resulting presentation is slim and opens flat.

Post Book - Post books are bound with a post system, giving the presentation a modern look. They can be used with sheet protectors, adhesive hinges or pre-drilled paper.

Easel Binder - Easel binders are ring binders or presentation albums with built in easels for a quick, easy presentation. When the book is closed, the easel collapses.

Presentation Box - Presentation boxes are boxes made to store and present photos and artwork. They are often acid-free for long term storage.

Photo Album - Photo albums come in two varieties. The traditional photo album has acid-free card stock weight pages on which to mount photos with photo corners or adhesive. Modern photo albums have sleeves to hold the photographs.

Scrap Books - Similar to traditional photo albums, scrap books have acid-free card stock weight pages on which to mount photos, mementos and embellishments.

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