Fredrix Canvas Floor Cloths

Fredrix Canvas Floor Cloths

Fredrix Floorcloth Canvas - Size 70 x 3yd.*

Create your own floor cloth with Fredrix's precut, primed floorcloths. These 12oz heavy cotton duck floorcloths are double-primed on one side and single-primed on the other side with white acrylic primer. They have acid-free sizing.

Canvas floorcloths were first used in 18th century England by the well-to-do to give an impression of parquet flooring or intricate tiling. They also became popular in the New World, but fell out of fashion with the advent of linoleum flooring. Recently, however, canvas floorcloths have regained popularity with those wishing to add a personal touch to their interiors. They are an easy and inexpensive way to express creativity in your home or studio!

Use stencils or paint free hand. Check out our "Tip Zone" section on Floor Cloths for some more ideas and tips.

Our Fredrix Floor Cloths are always available at a super price every day!

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