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3M(TM) ATG Adhesive Transfer Tape - Size: 1/2" x 36 yd

SKU: MMM924-1/2

3M(TM) ATG Adhesive Transfer Tape - Size 1/2 x 36 yd

With Scotch® ATG Adhesive Applicators, a touch of the finger triggers quick, controlled application of a strip of Scotch® ATG pressure sensitive adhesive transfer tape. There is no mess or cleanup.

Bond lines are thin and adhesive flows into surface irregularities. With 3M's advanced acrylic adhesive technology, you can bond, join, mount or laminate materials such as paper, plastics, metal, wood and foam. A variety of properties are available to help meet different requirements such as high temperature resistance, differential tack, high initial tack and others.

0.05 mm high tack acrylic adhesive. General purpose. Excellent adhesion to most paper stocks. Excellant for seal pocket in folders, bonding matte board in picture frames, splicing paper, films, and foils, and general purpose bindery attaching.

Please note: Requires the Scotch(R) Adhesive Applicator.

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