Technical Information

All Liquitex Paints and Mediums are manufactured to high quality and performance standards.


Liquitex Acrylic Paints and Mediums are made using the highest quality acrylic resin to produce acrylic polymer emulsion colors and mediums. All colors contain pure pigments, in a 100% acrylic polymer emulsion. Liquitex Acrylic Paints contain no fillers, opacifiers, toners, dyes, emulsifiers or additives that increase volume without imparting a positive attribute to the paint. Liquitex Acrylic Colors have the greatest permanence and lightfastness possible.

  • All colors dry to the tightest sheen range of any acrylic, ensuring less shiny and dull spots in finished painting.
  • All colors contain a pure pigment load, with high tinting "power" and maximum permanence of any acrylic.

Resin System

All Liquitex Acrylic Paints and Mediums have been reformulated with a new, clear resin that produces the highest quality acrylic polymer emulsion ever made.

New Resin Benefit to Artist

  • Dries totally clear
  • Brighter, more intense colors
  • Stays wet longer
  • Easier paint blending
  • Translucent when wet
  • Less color change from wet to dry
  • Non-yellowing Archival colors that will not yellow over time
  • Less sticky when wet
  • Easier blending and paint application
  • Non-tacky when dry
  • Finished paintings resist changes in humidity
  • Dries to hard film
  • Finished paintings less likely to absorb dirt


While Liquitex Acrylic Colors and Mediums will remain flexible over time, all acrylic paint films become increasingly brittle in cold weather. Do not flex, roll or unroll acrylic paintings in temperatures below 450 F.


The following information is given on each container of Liquitex Paint. Transparency/Opacity. The transparency, translucency and opacity of colors are based on the characteristics of the pigments used. All Liquitex Colors are labeled (TP) Transparent, (TL) Translucent or (0) Opaque on the label of each container.

Opaque - Best "hiding power" or coverage. Duplicates gouache effects.

Translucent - In between transparent and opaque. Allows some light to pass through color.

Transparent - Least "hiding power". Allows color underneath to show through. Best suited for glazing and brilliant watercolor techniques.

Hue, Value, Chroma

Hue, Value and Chroma positions for each color are displayed on each label, for every Liquitex Color. These designation are based on the internationally recognized Munsell Color System.


Lightfastness I, II, III identify the rating of a color and it's ability to withstand any color shifting or fading when exposed to ultraviolet light (i.e. sunlight). The lightfastness of all Liquitex Colors are listed according to standards established by the American Society for Testing and Materials(ASTM).

Category I Excellent Lightfastness.

The color will exhibit no appreciable color change after the equivalent of 100 years of indoor museum exposure. Best suited for outdoor installations (murals).

Category II Very good lightfastness.

Colors are suited for all indoor applications, but not exterior painting that may receive heavy exposure to ultra-violet light.

Category III Marginal permanence.

"Fugitive" colors that may fall below the level of permanency for artist's colors. Not recommended for permanent work.

Chemical Designations

Chemical Names (the names for actual pigments used) and Color Index Numbers are listed for all Liquitex Colors.


All Liquitex health labeling follows the American Society For Testing Materials (ASTM) standards and certification is given according to the Art and Creative Materials Institute (ACMI).

CP Certified Product Seal:

CP LabelA product which is certified by ACMI to be non toxic as well as both properly labeled for toxicity and meets certain quality and performance standards. The CP Seal certifies the paint as non-toxic even if ingested. This is the highest rating for non-toxicity and performance.


AP Approved Product Seal:

AP LabelA product, which has been certified by ACMI to be nontoxic and properly labeled for toxicity. The AP Seal certifies the paint as nontoxic even if ingested. They may receive an AP Seal if there are currently no performance standards for that product type.


The HL Health Label Seal (Caution Required):

HL LabelA product which contains a material(s) in sufficient quantities that has the potential to cause an acute or chronic health hazard. A full explanation of the above information is given in the Liquitex "How to Mix and Use Color" book and the Liquitex Product Catalog.

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