Acrylic Paints

Color Range

Single Pigment Colors

  • Offers artists the purest color, to be used alone or in color mixing. Includes Cadmiums, Cobalts, Quinacridones (ACRA(D), Phthalocyanine (Phthalo) and other colors.

Cadmium Colors

  • "Traditional" single pigment colors. Expensive,opaque, permanent. Non-toxic on skin or if ingested. Toxic in spray mist.

Mixed Pigment Colors

  • Gives artist the benefit of pre-mixed, "custom" colors. Colors are brighter than can be mixed in studio, cuts down on color mixing and provides cost savings.

  • Neutral Gray 5 enables artists to adjust the value and chroma of a color without altering the hue.

  • Gives artist the choice of using Cadmium Hue or other "Hue" color as a replacement for the true Cadmium or target color.

Hue Replacement Colors

  • Colors which contain the word "Hue" at the end of their name.

  • Single pigment or mixture of pigments that look and perform similar to the color they replace. Non-toxic on skin, if ingested or in mist.

  • Used as a replacement for cadmium colors, cobalt colors as well as other colors, when these colors are either unavailable, too expensive, fugitive or pose possible health hazards. Liquitex "Hue" colors generally yield higher intensities than the target color.

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