The descriptions here use generally accepted terminology developed and/or used in the tole and decorative painting field. Fine artists may use different terms for brushes and techniques which are the same or quite similar. Although the uses described and shown may be applicable to watercolors and oils, we elected to base our information on acrylics because of their wide ranging popularity at all skill levels.

Brush Shapes and Their Uses

Round Brush
Round - Use on point, or apply pressure to make thick-to-thin strokes.
Spotter Brush
Spotter - For fine detailing.
Liner Brush
Liner - Continuous curved or straight lines. Vary thickness with pressure changes.
Ultra Round Brush
Ultra Round - Use as a liner on point. Full belly provides a reservoir for paint.
Script Liner Brush
Script Liner (Long Liner) - Scroll work, flowing thick-to-thin lines. Length of hair holds more paint than regular liner.
Shader Brush
Shader (Flat) - Blocking in color, shading, blending, highlighting, and stroke work.
Chisel Blender Brush
Chisel Blender (Bright) - Short, flat strokes and blending, especially useful with heavy mediums.
Angular Shader Brush
Angular Shader (Angle Flat) - Tight shading, curved strokes. Popular rose petal brush.
One Stroke Brush
One Stroke (Stroke) - Long, flat lettering brush.
Filbert Brush
Filbert (Oval) - Strokes with soft edges. Blending. A natural flower petal shape.
Deerfoot Stippler Brush
Deerfoot Stippler (Long Liner) - Texturizing brush. Use a dry brush and light, pouncing technique for fur, shrubbery, and soft backgrounds.
Fan Brush
Fan - Use dry or with tips loaded to create texture or smooth other brush strokes.
Rake Brush
Rake - Flat, texturizing brush with a naturally-fingered shape. Use for hair, grass, wood grain, feathers and fur.
Dagger Striper Brush
Dagger Striper - Long chisel edge for easy, fine lines. Vary pressure for thick-to-thin ribbon effect.
Stencil Brush
Stencil - Use a dry brush with very little paint and circular or stippling technique.
Mop Brush
Mop - Blending and softening. Washes.

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