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We hate to be out of stock on any items that you may need. However, it does happen, and our manufacturers do experience shortages. We update our stock availability information based on our current inventory at least once every business day. Therefore, when you place an order and the item is shown as in stock it should be available. Please note that direct ship items are always shown in-stock. There may be situations when multiple customers order the same item, which may result in an item being out of stock at the time of fulfillment.

In the event that an item in your order is out of stock, we will attempt to contact you via e-mail or telephone within 24 business hours of receiving your order. We will provide you with information on a comparable substitute if available and give you an estimated time of arrival on the sold out item(s).

If you would like, we can ship your in stock items immediately and remove any missing items, or back order the sold out items for later shipment. If the back order is over $25, it will ship free of freight, provided the shipment is a single, non-oversized package under 20 lbs. If the back order is under $25, the shipping cost is $8.95. An initial shipment must occur for a back order to be in effect. Some restrictions may apply.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank You,

The Rex Art Staff

Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.

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