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Watercolor Wheel

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Watercolor Wheel

The Watercolor Wheel shows 144 combinations of the most common watercolors to aid in selecting and mixing. This product also provides visual examples of graduated washes from mass to under tones created from the actual watercolors. Diameter 9½"

The Watercolor Wheel™ features:

  • Mixtures created with actual watercolors
  • Painted on real watercolor paper
  • Color Schemes and Relationships
  • Glossary of 20 Key Terms and Definitions
  • 9½" in diameter
  • Two sided rotating wheel
  • Includes Value Scale
  • A valuable tool for all Watercolorists

Developed by artist and author Dan Bartges, in cooperation with The Color Wheel Company.

Provides an extension to the popular Color Wheel, a tool designed to help all those who utilize color.

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