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BEST Wallmount Easel*

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BEST's Wallmount is the ideal solution for the artist with limited studio space. Most easel manufacturers design only their smallest and lightest easels for quick and easy storage. BEST understands that many professional artists must achieve a balance between space concerns and workability. The Wallmount achieves both goals, a heavy duty easel that accommodates a large canvas with zero use of studio floor space. A sturdy oak easel that was designed to be mounted on the wall. The easel can be used in a vertical position or tilted forward. Perfect for the studio with limited floor space.

  • Can hold canvases up to 88" high
  • Width/depth: 32" x 14" (without tilt)
  • Extended easel height: 102" high, compact height: 55"
  • Forward tilt (up to 80° angle) for glare reduction or for the pastel artist
  • Smooth, easy height adjustability with a winch system
  • Ships partially assembled

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