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Prismacolor Art Marker Set of 48 with Case

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Prismacolor Marker Nibs

Prismacolor Markers offer consistent ink flow and laydown, brilliant color and excellent ink coverage, with just the right amount of bleeding and spread. The unique four-in-one design allows you to create a variety of line styles from just one marker by increasing or decreasing the pressure, or simply turning the marker one way or another. Low odor.

  • Artists' quality art markers for every level of expertise
  • Advanced ink formulations provide rich color saturation with smooth, silky ink flow and coverage
  • Impressive color laydown
  • Different line widths available with each double ended art marker
  • Alcohol, dye-based ink
  • Single ink reservoir for a perfect color match end to end
  • Ideal for both technical and artistic applications
  • AP Non Toxic

This set includes 48 Assorted Prismacolor Markers in two handy carrying cases, that fold into easels for easy accessibility.

Colors included:

Prismacolor 48 Set Color Chart
Prismacolor 48 Set Color Chart

The colors above are electronic approximations. Actual colors may differ from the above representations.

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