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Golden Clear Tar Gel - Size: 8 oz

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GOLDEN Clear Tar Gel is a 100% polymer emulsion colorless gel with an extremely resinous and stringy, tar-like consistency. It is a long rheology product that conceivably could be poured from a three-story building as one long strand!

Tar gel can be used to generate fine detailed lines by "dripping" it over painting surfaces. It can be blended with all GOLDEN Acrylic paints, offering a full range of colors with which to work.


Creating a Tar-like Consistency:

Clear Tar Gel is very stringy and web-like. This "feel" is dictated by the type of thickener used during the paint-making process. This thickener gives the gel a long rheology, best described as a"syrupy" consistency, which allows for better leveling and less brush-strokes.

Blending with the Fluids (10% Fluid additions or less) works well to create colors that maintain the gel's tar-like consistency.

Use as a Medium:

Mix any quantity of Gel with GOLDEN Heavy Body, Matte, Fluid or High Load Acrylic colors. Tar Gel also blends easily with other GOLDEN Gels or Mediums. To thin, add water or GOLDEN Mediums. Note: Additions of other paint lines will increasingly lower the stringy nature of the Clear Tar Gel.

Fine lines can be laid onto a surface by simply dipping a palette knife or other tool into the Tar Gel/Paint mixture, then moving it quickly over the working surface. The line thickness can be controlled by the size of the tool and the speed with which it is moved.

Use as a Leveling Promoter:

GOLDEN Clear Tar Gel is also useful to increase an acrylic paint, gel or medium's leveling ability. Start with additions of 5% to another acrylic product, and increase as needed to achieve the desired consistency. Adding water to the Clear Tar Gel may be needed to allow some mixtures to level before drying.

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