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Bruynzeel Specialty Pencil Box Set of 12

SKU: MOR8823H12

High quality graphite pencils with perfectly coordinated degrees of hardness. For use in design work, technical drawings, sketching and illustrations. The 2.2 mm to 3.5 mm (depending on the hardness) graphite core is made of the high-quality raw materials so that it transfers very well.

Set contains:

  • Aqua-Sketch (Medium - Soft) - Pencil with a water-soluble core. Wonderful watercolour effects can be achieved by using water and a paintbrush.
  • Charcoal (Hard - Medium - Soft) - The charcoal pencil allows you to work cleanly and accurately.
  • Sanguine (Oil) Pencil with a reddish core, particularly suitable for portraits and life drawings.
  • Sepia (Light - Dark) - Pencil with a dark-brown sepia core, suitable for sketching and drawing landscapes.
  • White (Soft) - Pencil with a white, chalk-based core, for applying contrasts and toning down colours.
  • Blurrer - A drawing instrument to smooth out chalk, etc., thereby creating shade and 'silkier' effects.

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