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Iwata Custom Micron Airbrush - Model CM-B - Size: 0.18mm


Designed for the most demanding professional, the CM-B is considered one of the finest airbrushes in the world. The Iwata Custom Micron matched head system insures superior atomization. It features a 1/16oz. (1.8ml) gravity feed fluid cup, which is small enough to see over the top of while working. The highly polished stainless steel needle provides smooth trigger action and paint flow.

  • .18mm fluid nozzle opening
  • Gravity feed cup
  • Removable head system
  • Spray pattern: hairline to 3/4" (hairline to 20mm)
  • Double action main lever
  • Adjustable main lever tension
  • Preset handle
  • Includes Iwata Pistol Grip Moisture Filter

New improvements to the Custom Micron Airbrush line:

  • New, slightly tilted, square trigger, which is more ergonomic, thus preventing trigger fatigue.
  • Cap dock on pre-set handle a spring loaded threading which allows you to secure your crown cap to the back handle. No more lost crown caps!
  • Version 2 Iwata Custom Microns use the same needles, nozzles, & head systems as the Original.  They also perform & spray in the same unique way the Original Microns do so no changes in atomization.
  • Most Original parts work on the new Version 2 Microns. However, the Chucking Guide and Trigger are updated and ARE NOT able to be retrofitted onto the Original Microns.
  • Version 2 parts are not backwards compatible, except for the cap dock, which will fit both Original and Version 2 Custom Microns.

pdf documentDownload the Custom Micron Series parts guide in pdf format.

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