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Anest Iwata Super Nova Spray Gun - HVLP LS 400-1401 (Base) Gold Air Cap

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With this new spray gun, Iwata enlisted the help of the world-renowned design firm Pininfarina, famous for their state of the art automobile design to create an innovative new design. After the gun design was complete, Iwata incorporated their advanced atomizing technology and the “SUPERNOVA” was born. This premium gun combines Iwata's superior atomization control with production speed and ergonomics. There are two HVLP versions of the SUPERNOVA, the LS400 for clear coat and the LS400 for basecoat. Both guns are available with either a 1.3mm or a 1.4mm nozzle size depending on what paint brand you are spraying. The basecoat version is designated by the GOLD colored air-cap.


The SUPERNOVA delivers a consistent droplet size when atomizing. This combined with the flat even SUPERNOVA pattern helps reduce common application issues. All SUPERNOVA guns are equipped with stainless steel fluid passages ideal for any type of material, solvent borne or waterborne.

Perfect Balance

The SUPERNOVA cup angle design guarantees perfect balance regardless of what cup size you choose.

Quick Release Air-Cap

The larger thread pattern of the air-cap makes it both robust and easy to remove and is designed with low maintenance in mind. The new larger grip points on the outside of the air cap ring facilitate quick removal and refitting after cleaning.

Responsive Trigger

The responsive trigger action gives the painter stable air flow control during application. Accurate air pressure an now be set with either the air stroke or the fluid stroke.

Ergonomic Grip

An in-depth study by the University of Pavia into perfect balance and optimal ergonomics was closely considered by PINNFARINA designers and ANEST IWATA engineers to produce this state of the art spray gun. The slim ergonomic grip of the SUPERNOVA spray gun helps distribute weight and balance through the wrist, reducing the risk of repetitive strains.

Paint Reservoir Nozzle Trigger Action Spray Pattern
21 oz. (600 ml) Gravity-Feed Plastic Cup 1.4-mm In Nozzle & Gold / Air Cap-Base-OR-
1.4-mm In Nozzle & Silver / Air Cap – Clear
Fixed Double-Action Trigger Up to 13 in. (330-mm) Flat Even
Features Optional Features Product Name Item No.
  • Stable Consistent Airflow
  • Flat Even Spray Pattern
  • Stainless Steel Paint Passage
  • Replaceable Derlon™ Needle Packing
  • Paint Output Adjustment
  • Air Pressure Adjustment
  • Fan Pattern Adjustment
  • Cartridge-Style Air Valve Set
  • Fan Pattern Air Cap
  • Pininfarina Designed Ergonomic Grip
  • Quick Threading Air-CapSet
  • Airhorns spin on the fly
  • 24 oz. (700 ml) Stainless Steel Cup
  • 34 oz. (1000 ml) Stainless Steel Cup
  • 1.3-mm, Nozzle Conversion (uses same needle, same air cap)
Anest Iwata Super Nova – HVLP
LS 400-1401 (Base) Gold Air CapLS 400-1402 (Clear) Silver Air Cap
5806-Gun & Cup Complete Set5816-Gun & Cup Complete Set

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