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Anest Iwata Century Series W-101 Spray Gun with PC-5 Cup

SKU: MDAH-9901

The new W101-G gravity-fed air-spray gun improves on the reliable reputation of the W100-G with side-mounted cup, high-transfer efficiency control and superior atomization. New air cap design with increased pattern shape stability improves atomization and decreases mottling and blotching. The ergonomic gun body design combined with lighter weight helps to reduce painter fatigue. Side-mounted gravity cup allows 360° rotation giving the operator options to spray at a wide variety of angles.

Century Series W-101 / LPH-100
Side-Mounted, Gravity-Feed Spray Gun

  • Capable of handling viscous materials while still producing a smooth, finely atomized spray
  • Since its gravity-feed cup rotates, it allows for more flexibility in spraying horizontally, vertically or underneath spray applications
  • Great for automotive clear-coating and touch-up, large studio work, gesso coatings and murals
  • W-101 spray pattern up to 4" (10 cm)
  • LPH-100 spray pattern up to 8" (20 cm)
Paint Reservoir Nozzle Trigger Action Spray Pattern
8 oz. (225 ml) Aluminum Cup 1.0-mm Screw-In Nozzle Fixed Double-Action Up to 5.1 in. (130-mm) Round or Fan
Features Optional Features Product Name Item No.
  • Stainless Steel Paint Passage
  • Replaceable PTFE Needle Packing
  • Pre-Set Needle Adjustment
  • Air Pressure Adjustment
  • Fan Pattern Adjustment
  • Catridge-Style Air Valve Set
  • Round Pattern Air Cap
  • Fan Pattern Air Cap
  • 4 oz. (110 ml) Stainless Steel Cup
  • 7 oz. (200 ml) Stainless Steel Cup
  • 1.3-mm, 1.5-mm or 1.8-mm Nozzle Conversion
Anest Iwata Century Series W-101 H 9900

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