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Tuttle Girligami Kit

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Girligami. It all started with one 10-year old girl's desire to wear high heels. This kit is origami with a sassy twist!

A box full of fun that lets you turn bits of paper into fashion, romance, and all things cute and pretty. This kit features 18 custom-designed projects that take only a minute or so make. The 64-page full-color booklet gives clear step-by-step instructions on how to make each model. And it has an added section showing you how to turn your paper creations into cool earrings, greeting cards, and other useful and not-so-useful (but no less fun) things you can give to your friends. The 60 glossy, custom-patterned folding sheets are all imprinted with guidelines for easy, foolproof folding.

Projects include:

  • Foxy Pumps
  • Strapless Dress
  • Lacy Jacket
  • Bobo Panda
  • Lola Kitty
  • Cool Cupcake
  • Secret Love Note
  • Vogue-It Earrings
  • Chic Bow
  • Forever Bouquet

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