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Caran d'Ache Pastel Pencil Set of 84

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An exceptional treasure box filled with 84 pastel pencils.

Caran d'Ache introduces an exceptional wood gift box that brings together all of its Pastel Pencils. The ideal gift for pastel artists, design experts, art lovers as well as lovers of beautiful objects, this beautifully finished box holds the entire selection of 84 colors in the Pastel Pencil range. The hardwood box is stained, varnished and beautifully finished to the last detail. Each pencil is held in place on a molded pencil tray which protects the delicate nature of pastel pencils.


  • Large lead diameter = 4.7mm, strong point, rich texture that adheres well to most surfaces, creamy to apply and shades easily
  • Each pencil lead contains up to 35% more painting material than many other pastel pencils
  • Hexagonal rounded barrel shape, reducing the risk of rolling off work surface and breakage
  • Highest quality California Cedar wood
  • Color cap matches the lead color and includes the color identification number
  • For best results sharpen with sharp knife

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