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Gamblin Mediums Set

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A great introduction to the understanding of contemporary mediums and their properties. The set includes 2 oz. each of:

  • Galkyd
  • Neo Megilp
  • Refined linseed oil
  • Gamsol
  • Cold wax medium

And a 37ml tube if Galkyd G-Gel.

High viscosity and fast dry. Galkyd increases the fluidity of oil colors and speeds drying time. Thin layers of oil colors are dry in 24 hours. Galkyd also levels brush strokes, creates a strong, flexible paint film and leaves enamel-like glossy finish. Can be thinned with odorless mineral sprits. Make excellent glazing mediums.

Neo Megilp
Medium viscosity and medium dry. Gives body to paint and decreases viscosity while suspending and supporting paint in a soft, silky gel. This product can be used to produce a luminous Turner-like effect. Will not darken or brittle, and allows paint to be workable for hours.

Refined Linseed Oil
A naturally occuring vegetable oil pressed from American flax seeds. It is as light and pure as industrially produced linseed oil can be made. Use in moderation to thin oils or as an ingredient in traditional painting mediums.

Excellent solvents for thinning mediums and for general painting, including brush and studio clean up. Safer for painters, paintings, and the environment than turpentine and harsh mineral spirits.

Cold Wax Medium
A soft paste formulated to knife consistency that makes oil colors thicker and with a more matte finish. Use a small amount to make other Gamblin mediums more matte. Can also be used to matte the surface of finished paintings and may be buffed to a satin sheen, if desired.

Galkyd G-Gel
High viscosity and fast dry. A gelled alkyd resin painting medium formulated to hold brush strokes and create transparent impasto. Can be applied in multiple layers.

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