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BEST Corner Key Kit (Set of 4)

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The BEST Corner Key Kit includes a set of four keys that can be used on wood stretcher bar frames or other bars such as the Best Aluminum Bars. You should mount the keys by using the pre-drilled holes on the BEST Aluminum Bars or by making your own in wooden bars with a 3/32" drill bit. You can also power drive the keys in with a drill screwdriver bit. Use a punch tool to start the hole for best results if not pre-drilling.The BEST keys are an essential tool for adjusting the tension of your canvas material just by the turn of a nut!

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Why use wood chips? (5/5) Feb 6, 2009 Michael Dorn Carlsbad CA US
  These little pieces of metal are expensive. But, they provide an excellent and precise means of controlling the fabric tension. They can be used with standard, medium, and heavy weight stretcher bars. Why use outdated wood chips.
Worked well once attached (4/5) Nov 12, 2008 Craig V. Higley AZ US
  These corner keys take some effort to attach, but once in place, they help you get that nice tight canvas you thought you were going to get when you started stapling.
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