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BEST Cross Brace Bracket, Pack of 2

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Richeson has updated their cross brace system to provide a flush finish with easy adjustability and tension control. Cross-braced canvases now fit flat against the wall for a perfect hang every time.

  • Works with any BEST stretcher bar
  • State of the art design works with any size stretcher bar
  • Eliminates costly tenion joints
  • Slotted design allows for maximum adjustment of canvas tension
  • Unisex notching

One set of 2 ship with each cross brace at no charge provided you purchase the braces and complete frame from Rex Art. If you are only ordering braces you need to order brackets at your cost. Additional brackets are available for purchase.

Assembly instructions:

  1. Assemble your stretcher bars
  2. Lay your cross braces in position
  3. Place your Richeson Cross Brace Brackets at the ends of your cross braces
  4. Attach brackets to braces with 1 - 3 of the included screws as desired (do not overtighten)
  5. Attach bracket to pre-assembled frames from Step 1 with 2 screws
  6. After canvas is tightly stretched, apply light pressure to brace and secure srews

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