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Faber-Castell Getting Started: Color Pencils

SKU: F-C800084

Explore the creative techniques of color pencil art with vibrant Art GRIP Color Pencils.

Learn the basics of tonal layering, imprimatura, rubbings and other color pencil art techniques. 12 step-by-step instruction cards will inspire you an dshow you how to get started.

The 5 colors can be layered and blended to create many different shades and hues. Premium Art GRIP Color Pencils blend like an oil-based pencil unlike "wax" pencils. Research shows that the quality of the art materials affects the quality of the experience and final outcome. Faber-Castell offers the beginner a premium quality experience.


  • 5 Faber-Castell Art GRIP Colored Pencils
  • 10 Sheets assorted drawing papers (each 6" x 8")
  • 4 Rubbing papers (each 3.5" x 5")
  • Plastic rubbing plate (4" x 5")
  • Pencil sharpener
  • 12-piece illustrated instruction card pack (24 printed sides)

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