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Silver Brush Nelson Shanks Portrait/Figure PrBrush Set ofessional Brush Set of 21 - Series #2 - Long Handles


Nelson Shanks is one of the most sought after teachers of portrait and figure painting in the world. He is the founder of Studio Incamminati, located in Philadelphia, which provides a lucid teaching program to produce highly skilled artists who can call upon their ability to create highly meaningful art.He has served as Professor at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Distinguished Visiting Professor in Fine Arts at George Washington University in Washington, DC, taught seminars at universities, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, the New York Academy of Art, the National Academy of Design and the Art Students League in New York
His work is exhibited in many museums, universities and galleries in the United States and throughout the world, including, the Vatican Museum The Royal Palace, Stockholm and Kensington Palace, London. Commissioned portraits of noted figures include: Pope John Paul II for the Vatican Museum, HRH Diana, The Princess of Wales, their Majesties King Carl Gustav and Queen Silvia of Sweden, Queen Julianna of the Netherlands, President Ronald Reagan, Lady Margaret Thatcher, Luciano Pavarotti, J. Carter Brown, Katharine Graham, Mr & Mrs Wafic Said, the Honorable Judge Guido Calabresi, Surgeon General, Dr. C. Everett Koop and many others.

Silver Brush has worked closely with Nelson Shanks to create four sets of bruhes that are ideal for portrait and figure painters. Nelson's selections for his sets are from Silver Brush's finest brushes - Renaissance™ Pure Red Sables and Grand Prix™ world class Pure White Bristle.

He is especially drawn to the Xtra-Long Filbert Grand Prix™ series for their extra color carrying capacity and fine edges for superb control.

This set contains basic brush selections that Nelson Shanks has chosen for Portrait / Study work, including a selection of our Xtra-Long Filbert Grand Prix™ brushes.:

Set contains:

  • 4 Silverstone Filbert Size 4
  • 4 Silverstone Filbert Size 6
  • 1 Grand Prix Filbert Size 8
  • 3 Grand Prix Long Filbert Size 2
  • 3 Grand Prix Long Filbert Size 3
  • 2 Grand Prix Long Filbert Size 4
  • 1 Grand Prix Xtra Long Filbert Size 8
  • 1 Cutter White Bristle Size 1-1/2"
  • 1 Alpine White Soft Blender Size 2"
  • 1 Renaissance Red Sable Cats Tongue Size 6
  • 1 Renaissance Red Sable Cats Tongue Size 8
  • Nelson Shanks Brochure
  • Silver Brush Limited brochures: "Tender Loving Care of Artist Brushes" and "Supplier of Finest Quality Artist Brushes"

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