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Japanese Calligraphy by Yuuko Suzuki

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The Japanese use two styles of writing at the same time: kanji - Chinese characters, which are ideograms (i.e., characters which symbolize ideas of things without saying their names) and kana - which are purely phonetic characters. This fascinating book introduces Japanese calligraphy and gives practical instruction showing the way these two styles of writing are combined.

The opening pages explore the history of Japanese calligraphy, and the materials - including the "four treasures" of calligraphy: brush, ink, stone and paper. They are followed by sections which show how to use the materials and how to develop your calligraphy skills. Writings include words, quotes and poems in kana, and a combination of kana and kanji. A final section contains a gallery of classic and contemporary works, showing how calligraphy can be used to create cards, wallhangings and works of art. This book will delight anyone interested in calligraphy, whatever their skill level. It contains clear, concise instructions , inspirational calligraphy, beautiful work and excellent ideas which can be developed into original and personal artworks.

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