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Artool Intro Series by Robert Paschal Templates Sheet


Artool Intro Series by Robert Paschal Templates Sheet

The Artool Intro Series by Robert Paschal is designed to introduce the beginning airbrusher to the many uses of Freehand Airbrush Templates. Consisting of seven template shapes, the Intro Series comes attached by tiny tabs in one convenient sheet. To release each shape simply cut the tabs next to the arrows.

Each template shape has a variety of edge configurations: Large and small sawtooths, wavy edges, half-round scallops, fish-scale shapes, square-edge teeth, plus seven circle sizes! The wider templates consist of positive shapes, while the narrow versions have the matching negative contours.

Although they were primarily designed for entry-level airbrushing, the Artool Intro Series Freehand Airbrush Templates are useful for all levels of airbrush applications. You can use these shapes to create patterns which can be utilized for illustration, t-shirt airbrushing, custom automotive artwork, fine art, hobbies, crafts, taxidermy, ceramics, cake decorating, temporary tattoos and so much more! These templates are solvent proof, reusable and can be held in place with various spray adhesives.

Template sheet measures 7" x 9". Sold as a set.

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