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Artool Texture FX by Gerald Mendez Templates Complete Set of 3


Artool Texture FX by Gerald Mendez Templates Complete Set of 3

Because of an advanced proprietary technology from Artool®, natural and organic illustration effects can now be achieved like never before with the Texture FX™ Freehand® Airbrush Templates by Gerald Mendez. You can easily use these organic textures to create hyper-living qualities with your artwork.

Artool® Texture FX™ Templates are produced using a special polymer-coated material and are solvent resistant. With proper care and without folding, Texture FX™ Templates will withstand years of repeated use.

Create unlimited textural possibilities: rocks, stone textures, outer space scenes, splashes, an endless variety of backgrounds, textural graphics, detailed reptilian skin effects and so much more!


  • You can achieve incredibly soft textures by slightly lifting the templates from the working surface
  • Move the template while airbrushing for added dimensional possibilities
  • Overlap colors and shapes for greater textural depth
  • Achieve different effects with the wide variety of size and shape holes

Gerald Mendez has been airbrushing since 1986. After his graphic design education in Mexico City, he undertook the challenge to master as many techniques as possible to improve the quality of his artwork - including airbrush and digital illustration, along with airbrush automotive techniques. His drive to create what he terms as "unreal concepts" has motivated him to develop his own personal and unique style. Gerald's airbrush studio is located in Chino, California and he is currently working as a digital illustrator for Disney Studios while staying busy with custom automotive painting projects.

"Let your imagination soar!" -Gerald Mendez

Templates come in 8.5" x 11" format. Simply cut tabs to release each shape. Made in USA.

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