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Artool Pirate Girlies by Deborah Mahan Templates Mini Set


Artool Pirate Girlies by Deborah Mahan Templates Mini Set

Welcome to Deborah Mahan's Pirate Girlies™, the third set of the Artool® Pin-up Girlies™ Freehand® Airbrush Template Series, all of which have accessories that can be easily interfaced. You can either use them together, or with other Artool® Freehand® Airbrush Templates.

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Pirate Girlie
In her skivvies she appears to be hitching a ride, and who wouldn't want to pick up this cutie!? You will notice she has an eye patch, and a sword that will fit in her lower hand with the tip of the sword resting in her other hand. Or, you can place the little blaster in one hand wile she carries her booty in the other. Throughout the Pirate Girlies™ Set there are accouterments that can be placed wherever you desire!
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Girlie Girl
No pirate crew would be complete without a wench! ...ARRGH! She comes with long hair, a corset, a tattered dress and ankle bracelets. Plus, there is the infamous Jolly Roger!
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This template consists of her pirating outfit, a tattered shirt, a scarf, giant ear rings, bangles for her upper wrist and some super sexy pirate girlie boots. To shiver your timbers, you can even have her dangle the hangman's noose, which is held in both hands and wrapped around her legs with her little girlie foot fitting inside a coil of rope.
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Mermaid Girlie
This girlie is for all of those pirates who have gone down to Davy Jones' Locker. She has a trinket you can put in her hand, and so she doesn't get lonely, you can put her beaux's cute little skullicious noggin' in the other hand!
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Girlie Chest
What respectable Pirate Girlie would be caught dead without a treasure chest? Unfortunately, it is not hers, so she is sitting with a bottle of rum and a bag of surprises to seduce the key from the owner of the chest!

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