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Painting with Oils

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Michael Sanders shares his great enthusiasm for oil painting in this inspiring and easy to follow guide. He takes us through the basics of color and composition and explains and illustrates a wealth of techniques. Five step-by-step demonstrations show how to plan and paint beautiful paintings, with plenty of useful tips for anyone wishing to explore oils, 'the most traditional, yet versatile and adventurous of mediums'.

Specially commissioned photographs guide you every step of the way, from the first stroke of the brush to applying the final highlights. All the techniques are clearly illustrated, with a sequence of demonstrations showing how to paint all the elements of the landscape - from stormy skies and flower meadows to tranquil harbors and panoramic seascapes. You will learn about blocking, building up color, applying glazes, adding texture with impasto techniques, creating perspective and capturing, light, shade and atmosphere. Expert tips throughout offer invaluable guidance, and Michael includes essential information on how to build up skill levels and confidence. Whether you are just starting to use oil paints, or you are an experienced artist, you will find a wealth of tips and techniques in this invaluable, easy-to-follow guide.

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