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Painting Water

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Everything you want to know about painting water in all its moods is contained in this easy-to-follow guide - a complete inspirational course for all those interested in capturing the beauty and atmosphere of landscapes and seascapes.

Watercolor is an exciting and versatile medium. and beautiful waterscapes full of light and atmosphere can be created with loose, transparent washes, or by overlaying colors. In clear, simple-to-understand terms Joe Francis Dowden clearly illustrates all the techniques that are needed to create different types of water. Using a series of practical step-by-step demonstrations, he illustrates how to paint puddles, shallow water, rippling rivers, white water, a seascape and more. Each stage is clearly explained, with helpful tips and a wealth of information on composition, perspective, capturing tone, color, texture and detail. Before you realize it you will be painting your own beautiful paintings - with this fresh, innovative book.

Book Contents

  • Introduction
  • Materials
  • Techniques
  • Painting water
  • Composition
  • Puddles in a lane - demonstration
  • Rippling river - demonstration
  • White water -demonstration
  • Shallow water - demonstration
  • Seascape - demonstration
  • Index

About Joe Francis Dowden
Joe Francis Dowden turned professional in 1982 and has since written many successful books and has been published by David & Charles, Sterling and now Search Press. He has sold out at numerous "one man" shows and has exhibited his work throughout Britain. He lives in Worthing, East Sussex.

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