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Rex Art Ultimate Oil & Acrylic Brush Set


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This fantastic set comes to you exclusively from Rex Art. We've put together 5 great Richeson brushes of assorted bristles, shapes and sizes at an amazing price. You'll love the quality of these brushes. Plus, we've packaged them in a bamboo brush mat, which is great for transporting your brushes, while giving them enough airflow to preserve their longevity.

The brushes you get in this set are:

Chelveston Bristle Brushes
Made with fine grade bristle with excellent flagging. The head shapes are designed to give the maximum life to the brush.The ferrules are a beautiful, highly polished Copper Nickel. The handles have excellent balance, are designed to reduce fatigue, and have a soft matte finish that feels great on your hands.

  • Size 12 Bright
  • Size 12 Filbert
  • Size 6 Filbert

Richeson Orange Synthetic Brushes
The latest wonder of hi-tech brush making. A filament so good it will pass for sable. This new fiber feels and responds like sable. Even loaded with paint it will come to a razor edge in the bright. The round is stout and comes to a strong firm point. Because of their softness, this series is ideal for glazing. The handles also features a soft matte finish that gives the brushes a luxurious feel.

  • Size 10 Bright
  • Size 6 Round

This brush set will provide you with the workhorses you need every day.

Rex Art Ultimate Oil & Acrylic Brush Set

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