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Artool Kanji Master Mini Set

For centuries artistic images from the Far East have influenced fellow artists all over the world. There are many different styles, from ancient traditional temple art to trendy tattoo designs, including images of the past, from story telling to creatures and icons from Japan's rich and fabled history. Many of these images from Asian cultures are now viewed in museums, galleries, tattoo shops and on kustom painted bikes and cars. Dennis Mathewson takes great pride in sharing his travels to the East with the Kanji Master Artool Freehand Airbrush Template Series.

Artist Dennis Mathewson, of Cosmic Airbrush in Honolulu, Hawaii has over 35 years of kustom airbrushing and painting experience. When he's not painting, Dennis is writing, traveling, carving tikis and instructing at kustom painting workshops. Dennis' love of Hawaii and it's Asian influences is shared with you in his new Kanji Master Series from Artool.

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Dragon (Ryu)
The Dragon (Kanji included) is designed to separate into two parts by cutting the small tabs which give you the essential dragon elements - the head, tail, feet and fire! Use the outside edges to create a coiling body by moving them around in circles while using the second part to create unique scale patterns.

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Koi Fish
The Koi Fish template provides many choices. With any background color, airbrush the solid fish body to fill with matching line art. Add various surrounding outside water patterns with breaks, curls, bubbles or the small Koi. Then add the Kanji for "Koi" as a final touch!

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Tsunami Wave (nami=wave)
This wave pattern allows you the ability to create a monster Japanese tidal wave (Tsunami), or just use it as a great background filler. The three parts of this template allow you to have all the positive and negative shapes. The Kanji for "Tsunami" is included.

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Kanji Masks
This traditional Japanese theatrically-based template gives you a devil head filler and line art for any background, along with additional masks of Japan's spirit images such as Hanakobuakujo, Oobeshimi, Tengu, Hannya and other small Obake (ghost) images. The clouds and wind bands make for a great background, too! Plus, the Kanji for "Devil" is included.

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Kanji Symbols
This template has a variety of Kanji characters in graduated sizes. Use them together or just as they are. The Kanjis supplied are: Strength or Power ( Chikara), Love (Ai), Good (Zen), Evil (Aku), Crazy (Kitigai) and Beauty (Bi).

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