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Paasche VL Wood Box Set


Paasche VL Wood Box Set

No other airbrush can offer more versatility because it can be adapted to use the #1, #3 or #5 needle it can achieve spray patterns from fine detail to broader coverage handling light, medium and heavy fluids. Fluids are siphon fed from color cup. This airbrush is suitable for both left and right handed users. The VL is used by most of the T-shirt artists in the U.S. and has been our best selling airbrush for over 20 years!

Airbrush Features:

  • Siphon Feed
  • Double Action - Internal Mix
  • Spray Pattern 1/32" - 1"
  • Light Fluids: India Inks, Dyes, Light Oils, Watercolors, Food Coloring and Fabric Dyes
  • Recommended Air Pressure: .5 to 1 CFM @ 20 to 45 lbs depending on tip size and fluid being sprayed
  • Clean, dry air is essential for best results

This attractive wood box set makes a great gift and provides a case for long lasting storage and protection.

Set Contains:

  • VL Airbrush
  • 1 oz Color Bottle Assembly
  • 6' Airhose with Couplings
  • Hanger
  • Wrench
  • 1/4 oz Metal Color Cup
  • "22 Airbrush Lessons" Booklet
  • Extra Aircaps, Needles and Tips to make all the available sizes of the VL Airbrush

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