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Rex Art Video Airbrushing Set- DVD


The Rex Art video set combines everything you need to learn how to airbrush, along with an easy to follow instructional video. Your guide, Jose Varese, uses everything in the set - no need to go hunting around for additional supplies!

Here is what Jose has to say about the products in the Rex Art Airbrush Video Set:

  • VL #1 Double Action AirbrushShopping
    I believe that this airbrush will give you the versatility and quality that you need to fulfill any creative application you can think of.
  • Golden Acrylic PaintsShopping
    Superior quality airbrush colors that deliver strong vibrant tones without clogging your airbrush.
  • Airbrush Hose, Adapter & Air SourceShopping
    The ten foot Paasche airhose connects your airbrush to your air source. The two cans of Paasche canned air is an excellent soucre of air for someone beginning to airbrush. They are easy to use, store, and carry. The Paasche air regulator is used to regulate the pressure from the aircan to your airbrush.
  • Olfa Compass Cutter & Rex Art Knife
    The Olfa Compass Cutter is an ingenious device that I use to cut perfect circles in my frisk. This tool is a must for any airbrush enthusiast, and will be quite useful to you. The Rex Art Knife is a precise cutting tool, which you will use to cut, and lift frisket.
  • Ruler, Pencil, Tape & Brush
    The ruler will guide your cutting knife in making precise straight cuts on your frisket. The pencil you will use to transfer your ready made image to the illustration board. The tape is removable, which will be used to mask borders. The brush is used to add detail to your illustration.
  • Rex Art Aibrush DVD
  • The Rex Art Airbrush DVD allows me to interact with you, and take you step by step through your first successful airbrush illustration.
  • Two Frisket Sheets
    The two sheets frisket are a useful tool for masking off areas that you will want to airbrush.
  • Two Sheets of Illustration Board
    This is a great surface to airbrush on.
  • Outline of the Original Image
    I have created this original image to teach you the basic skills of airbrushing.

Remember, you don't need to know how to draw.

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