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Alumicolor Select-a-Scale, Architect - Color: Silver - Size: 6"

SKU: ALU7506-1

Alumicolor Select-a-Scale, Architect - Color Silver - Size 6

Alumicolor™ introduces the Alumicolor Select-a-Scale. An ultra convenient and functional drafting tool that allows architects and engineers to select multiple scales all in one product.

The unique design incorporates a sculptured arch on the bottom for ease of movement. A rotating rod on the top displays one of the 6 scales (1/2", 1/4", 1/8", 1/16", 2:1, 1:1) while the solid aluminum base has fixed scales on the front as well as a raised inking edge.

Made from extruded aluminum with calibrations added using Alumicolor's photo anodizing process.

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