Prat Start S1 Presentation Case

Prat Start S1 Presentation Case

  • Sturdy and lightweight acid-free polypropylene cover
  • Spine mounted handle allows pages to hang downward properly to avoid wrinkling
  • Inside pocket
  • Smooth running double action nylon zipper
  • Lays completely flat for easy presentation
  • Strong multiring mechanism (does not snag pages)
  • Includes 10 super transparent, Archival polypropylene sheet-protectors with black acid-free inserts
  • Corresponding refill: PPCNR (archival polyester pages)
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Please note: The sizes listed below correspond to the size of the inside pages, not the outside dimensions.

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Size - Color
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Rex Price
11" x 8.5"
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Rex Price: $34.37
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14" x 11"
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Rex Price: $45.33
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17" x 14"
Save 37%
Rex Price: $59.82
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22" x 17"
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Rex Price: $98.63
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24" x 18"
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Rex Price: $109.34
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