Prat 904 Cristal Laser Refills

Prat 904 Cristal Laser Refills

Made out of super-clear, non-stick polypropylene, these archival quality (Photo Activity Test ANSI IT9 16) sheet-protectors prevent color alterations and transfers. Highly recommended for digital images.

  • Luxury black paper insert
  • Black reinforced perforation
  • Sealed on 3 Sides - Open on Top
  • Pack of 10
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Please note: The sizes listed below correspond to the size of the inside pages, not the outside dimensions.

These are available in limited quantities. 24 x 18" is only available via special order with a 2 - 3 month lead time and a minimum order quantity of 12 pieces. You can also use the Prat NR Archival Refills, as a less expensive alternative and they are 100% compatible in all modern Prat ring mechanisms.

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