Types of Metal Leaf

Glass Gold
This is a very fine gold (23 karat), as it is especially selected and booked without patches, holes or broken spots. Glass gold is positioned between sheets of paper in the book but the leaves are free and can be easily damaged.

Patent Gold
Same as glass gold, except each leaf is adhered to a piece of white tissue that can be handled with the fingers. Patent gold cannot be used with water size.

No. 6 Lemon Gold
18½ karat. This leaf is lighter and more greenish in color. This color is not permanent, as the silver with which the leaf is alloyed will eventually tarnish when exposed to the weather.

No. 10 Pale Gold
16 karat. This gold is still lighter in color than lemon gold, as it contains more alloy. Its use carries the same limitations as Lemon gold.

Silver Leaf
Fine silver leaf may be used only on glass work, where it can be backed properly and protected from the air. If used any place except on glass, it will tarnish in a short time.

Aluminum Leaf
This material is used wherever the color of silver is desired. Except for mat centers it is not used on glass.

Composition Leaf
Also known as Dutch Metal. This leaf is an alloy of various metals and is an imitation of gold. It will tarnish after a short period of service. Includes the variegated type (see glossary).

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