MaimeriBlu Watercolors 15ml Tubes

MaimeriBlu Watercolors 15ml Tubes SALE

Maimeri Maimeriblu Superior Watercolor - Color Nickel Titanate Yellow - Size 15ml

These fine watercolors are available at a great price Every Day.

Now there's no reason not to buy the best.

MaimeriBlu Superior Watercolors are formulated exclusively with high quality ingredients to offer professional and amateur painters the most ideal medium for creating works of art.

52 of the 72 colors use a single pigment, in order to ensure maximum purity and clean tones, enhancing the brightness and resonance of the color. They are manufactured in a precise process, ensuring excellent results in suspension and grinding.

While Maimeri takes advantage of technical innovations, these paints are still prepared manually. The colors of this range can all be mixed together and, thanks to their high chromatic value, are particularly suitable for restoration work.

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15ml / Cobalt Green Deep
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15ml / Nickel Titanate Yellow
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