Stephen Quiller Acrylics - 60ml Tubes

Stephen Quiller Acrylics - 60ml Tubes

FREE Brush with the purchase of 4 or more Quiller Acrylics
*Purchase 4 or more Stephen Quiller Acrylics and receive a free Richeson Professional Synthetic Series 7550 #10 - a $29.95 value for free! Click on the coupon above to receive your brush.

This 92 color line contains only the highest quality color pigments which have been selected for purity and lightfastness. Each color in the line has been formulated to achieve the maximum pigment concentration and color strength consistent with good handling properties and stability.

Because no fillers or extenders are used in Quiller Acrylics, most colors dry to a natural gloss while those with larger pigment particles create a more satin finish.

Quiller Acrylics have a smooth buttery texture that retains brush and knife marks, yet is not stiff or difficult to manipulate. They allow the user to create bold, crisp impasto effects normally associated only with oil colors.

Directions for use: All Quiller Acrylic products are mutually compatible. To thin, use Quiller Acrylic Mediums or water. Do not mix with oils, mineral spirits or turpentine. Quiller Acrylics will not adhere well to oily or greasy surfaces.

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