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BEST Deluxe Lobo Easel*

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Built of solid oak, this quad base easel is perfect for the mixed media painter. It is inexpensive and compact but sturdy, reliable, and very flexible. Can be used vertical for sketching or painting, and in just seconds can be adjusted to a horizontal position for watercolor, gessoing, or varnishing. Plus, the Deluxe Lobo features a built in shelf for supplies or books.

  • Adjusts quickly to a variety of settings for sitting or standing
  • Forward tilt for glare reduction or the pastel artist
  • All canvas holders have rubber grips to keep canvas secure
  • Non-slip rubber tips on base for stability
  • Extended easel height: 70", Table height: 34"
  • Will hold canvases up to 36" high
  • Base width/depth: 25" x 27"

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