GOLDEN OPEN Acrylic Mediums

GOLDEN OPEN Acrylic Mediums

Golden OPEN Acrylic Gel Medium (Gloss) - Size 8 oz.

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GOLDEN OPEN Acrylic mediums help maintain control over the unique properties of OPEN Acrylics, providing an extremely flexible and dynamic painting experience.

OPEN Acrylic Gel (Gloss) has the same consistency as the OPEN Acrylic paints and extends the colors while maintaining the OPEN working properties.

OPEN Acrylic Medium (Gloss) is formulated to provide a lower viscosity. It is used to extend paint and maintain the OPEN properties while creating a more fluid mixture with increased flow.

OPEN Thinner contains no binders. It is used to thin the consistency of OPEN paint mixtures without altering open time. It can also be used to maintain or adjust the workability of paints on the palette without the need for water mists or moisturizing palettes.

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8 oz. - OPEN Gel Medium (Gloss)
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Rex Price: $15.27
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4 oz. - OPEN Fluid Medium (Gloss)
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8 oz. - OPEN Fluid Medium (Gloss)
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1 oz. - OPEN Paint Thinner
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4 oz. - OPEN Paint Thinner
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