GOLDEN Fluorescent Acrylic Colors

GOLDEN Fluorescent Acrylic Colors


Golden Fluorescent Acrylic Colors are intense, brilliant colors, produced from dyes surrounded by a polymer coating. Because fluorescent colors are so transparent, greater intensity can be achieved by working over a bright white surface.

Please note: Fluorescent Colors are not lightfast. If a greater permanency is desired, a topcoat of GOLDEN MSA Varnish with UVLS (UltraViolet Light Stabilizers) is recommended, although it will eliminate the fluorescent "glow" under black light.

Please note: The colors below are electronic approximations of the actual colors and may not match exactly. Please use for reference only.

Please note that there are certain colors and sizes from Golden that we do not stock, but can be special ordered. There is no additional charge for this service. The time frame is generally 2-3 weeks to acquire special orders. If you are looking for a color or size you need please contact us for more information.

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