Flexbook Adventure Sketchbooks

Flexbook Adventure Sketchbooks

flexbook binding

Flexbook's story started with a bet to create the perfect sketchbook!

  • A sketchbook that is able to keep our ideas, memories and dreams safe from unexpected damages and the passage of time.
  • A writing companion that challenges the digital standard and houses our thoughts outside of computers, tablets and smartphones.
  • A completely flexible sketchbook that, thanks to its innovative binding, easily and comfortably opens 360° - Again and again, keeping the same perfect look with Flexbook’s patented unique binding.

From Athens to Paris to Florence the European culture and style of living combine to create the notebook for the 21st century.

Enduring, Simple, Evolved.... Travelling or working, at home or in the subway... there is always a Flexbook moment!

Easy and Enduring 360 Degree Opening
  • Deluxe European sketchbook with a patented 360° binding
  • Cover: Textured fine PU cover, available in 2 colors (Off-Black and Royal Blue)
  • Inside: German Munken extra-white paper, 170 gms (FSC certified, PEFC, chlorine-free, acid-free, free of heavy metals, biodegradable and recyclable)
  • Black cloth spine
  • 96 pages

Made in Greece with care and sustainable practices

  • Patented binding (patent #PCT/GR2012/000024): 360° easy and enduring opening
  • Super flexible, easy sketching and scanning
  • Ideal for sketching with pencils, charcoal, markers, pastels, etc.

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6" x 8.5" - Royal Blue
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