Copic Sketch Marker Sets

Copic Sketch Marker Sets


The Copic Sketch Marker is the most popular marker in the Copic line. Perfect for professional illustration, sketchbooking, fashion design, manga, and craft projects. They come in all 346 Copic colors. Empty Sketch Markers are also available so you can mix your own colors for custom markers. The replaceable Super Brush nib acts like a paintbrush in both feel and application. For more control, use the medium broad nib on the opposite end or customize the marker with an optional nib. Like all Copic markers, Sketch markers feature refillable ink and replaceable nibs.

  • Alcohol based ink is permanent and non-toxic, and dries acid-free
  • Medium broad nib for thick strokes
  • Super Brush nib for variable-width strokes
  • Easy to read names and numbers

Available individually, as well.

Please note: Copic Marker Sets are currently all unavailable. We are very sorry! We would love to sell them to you, but Copic cannot produce enough marker sets to meet demand. When they are available again the sets will return to this page to be ordered. Unfortunately, this will not happen in time for Christmas 2015. You may want to consider trying the ShinHan Markers or ShinHan Brush Markers, which are a great alternative, less expensive, and available for immediate shipment. If you have additional questions please call us at 800-739-2782, or email us.