Colour Shapers

Colour Shapers


Originally designed as a 'replacement finger' the Colour Shaper is a unique tool that allows painters to:

  • Apply and remove acrylic and oil paint with ease
  • Blend, smudge and define pastels
  • Apply and remove masking fluid
  • Create decorative effects on glass, ceramics and metal

Colour Shapers come in different shapes and sizes to give artists ultimate flexibility and create a wide variety of strokes. The grey tipped Colour Shapers are specially designed for use with oil and acrylics.

Tips for use with Oil and Acrylic Paint:

  1. When using Oils there's no need for white spirit, as you can clean the silicone tips with water…. no more smell!
  2. When using Acrylics, either wipe the tips clean, or if the paint has dried on, simply peel it off.
  3. A good way of working with Colour Shapers is the wet-on-wet method. Because the tips are non-absorbent, accidental mixing produces less 'mud'.
  4. Use a larger Colour Shaper than you think you need because, unlike a brush, they do not spread out under pressure.
  5. If you use an acrylic retarder, then you are able to create more textures, as you have more time to work.
  • Adjust contours and edges
  • Carve and remove paint
  • Apply and carve paint
  • Blend charcoal and pastel
  • Create linear strokes and make broad forceful marks
  • Blend and mix paint on the palette and create flat even strokes of color
  • Move heavy paint
  • Control thick color
  • Create soft edges
  • Blend pastel and charcoal
  • Create expressive strokes
  • Work from thick to thin
  • Make precise marks

Use the small white taper Colour Shaper to apply masking fluid to watercolor paintings. The tip cleans in seconds with a damp cloth. No more ruined brushes!

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