Airbrush Mediums

Airbrush Mediums

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GOLDEN Airbrush Transparent Extender is a 100% acrylic binder system that is designed to modify GOLDEN Airbrush Colors for increased transparency and film hardness. Engineered to meet the highest standards of professional airbrush illustrators, Airbrush Transparent Extender possesses excellent spraying properties and is formulated to minimize tip build-up, clogging and surface defects.


Mixing Directions
Airbrush Transparent Extender can be blended with GOLDEN Opaque or Transparent Airbrush Colors in any ratio desired, allowing artists to precisely control of the transparency of the colors. These attributes are very important for techniques such as shading and smooth gradations.

Airbrush Transparent Extender can also be used with any of the GOLDEN Heavy Body, Fluid, High Load, and Iridescent & Interference Acrylics. When the mixture of Paint and Airbrush Medium exceeds a ratio of 1:2 or more, the Extender can be added to further thin and extend. This will keep the retarder level balanced for a quicker drying film, without sacrificing sprayability. GOLDEN Airbrush Medium is useful to make products spray better, but it can quickly over-compensate the amount of needed retarding agents. Such an overload will hurt the drying and increase the likelihood of Frisket1 pull-up (see below).

Blending Suggestions

Stir gently to ensure homogeneity before blending with GOLDEN Airbrush Colors. Also mix Airbrush Colors according to label directions before blending with Extender. Any ratio of Airbrush Transparent Extender to Airbrush Color can be used. Generally, a ratio of 5 to 10 parts Transparent Extender to 1 part (by volume) Color is a useful starting point to yield adequate transparency. Careful blending is required to minimize foam generation, as excessive shaking or stirring readily entraps air bubbles which may result in surface defects.

Water can also be used with Transparent Extender and the Airbrush Colors, but doing so will reduce the sprayability and frisket performance that the Transparent Extender enhances. When using water with the Transparent Extender, a 1:2 ratio of water to Transparent Extender is the maximum amount of water recommended.

Spraying Iridescent and Interference Colors
GOLDEN offers metallic paints in two viscosities, and both can be reduced with Airbrush Transparent Extender for spray-applications. Generally, the Airbrush Medium is recommended for reducing Fluid Acrylics, however, testing has shown the reflectance to be higher when Airbrush Transparent Extender is used instead. The lower level of retarders in the Extender will allow for faster drying times when spraying larger areas with an even film.

Frisketing/Masking Techniques
When frisketing is of critical importance, GOLDEN Airbrush Transparent Extender should be used to extend the Airbrush Colors. This combination dries more quickly, friskets extremely well, and has excellent spray performance. GOLDEN Airbrush Medium also functions as an extender for Airbrush Colors for applications requiring greater transparency and greater open time (slower drying). Because of the slower drying, using the Airbrush Medium with the Airbrush Colors may result in poor frisket performance (color pulling up with the frisket or mask), unless the film is completely allowed to dry.

Drying Recommendations
When frisketing or working with loose masks, allow adequate time for the paint film to dry and refrain from using excessive force during frisket application. Generally, a 10-minute drying time is recommended; however, this time can change dramatically in relation to climatic conditions. High humidity (greater than 80% RH) and/or low temperatures (less than 60oF) will slow the drying process. Low humidity (less than 40% RH) and/or high temperatures (greater than 80oF) will speed the drying process.

Use of a hair dryer or heat lamp can be used to shorten drying times, but exercise caution as excessive heat can warp the illustration board, and/or create air bubbles under any frisket in place, or interfere with film formation and yield a fragile film.

General Information
Paint on any non-oily surface. Non-absorbent surfaces should be abraded for increased adhesion. Clean tools with soap and water. Keep tools wet during use. Do not allow product to dry in airbrush. Clean airbrush with water, ammonia/water, alcohol or miscellaneous household cleaners (however, consider effect of cleaner on airbrush parts, such as rings and seals).

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The GOLDEN line of Opaque Airbrush Colors are engineered to meet the highest standards of professionals, for use in airbrush, brush and technical pen. These offer the ability to create opaque, high intensity colors for illustration and fine art purposes.

GOLDEN Opaque Airbrush Colors are formulated from a 100% water-based acrylic emulsion, incorporating only the most lightfast pigments available. This results in exceptional permanency and performance. The acrylic binder system allows for excellent chemical resistance, yielding a durable film that will not be damaged by water or ammonia.

Key Properties:

  • Viscosity - ready to use, no dilution required
  • Permanency - only the most lightfast, durable pigments used
  • Color Saturation - rich, intense colors, allows the artist more control
  • Minimal clogging/tip-buildup - results in more time painting and less time cleaning
  • Non-removable film - durable, non-water soluble, non-alkaline soluble
  • Compatibility with other GOLDEN Acrylic products (Fluids, Heavy Body, Matte, High Loads)

GOLDEN Airbrush Titanium White is formulated to maximize opacity and maintain spray quality and film integrity. This results in the most opaque white imaginable. The other colors are formulated to achieve maximum color strength. This leads to a color line with varying levels of opacity which is a result of the nature of the individual pigment(s), with certain pigments inherently more opaque than others. GOLDEN Airbrush Transparent Extender can be added to the Airbrush colors to yield more transparent colors without jeopardizing the film integrity and permanency. In fact, lowering the pgment load by adding the Extender will actually increase the film's durability and frisket performance.

GOLDEN also produces other full lines of acrylic paints, including Heavy Body, Matte, Fluid and High Load Acrylics, that are compatible with the Airbrush Colors. These products can be used in conjunction with the Airbrush Colors to combine the effects of spraying with those of other application techniques, while working with the same color. When mixed with Golden Airbrush Medium, the Fluid Acrylics perform very well for airbrushing, offering the artist still further choices in color selection.

Note: that these products are not for use on garments. For Applying GOLDEN Acrylics to Fabric, GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics blended with GOLDEN Airbrush Medium yields a paint system that is very durable in normal laundering, and that does not require heat-setting (however, ironing will increase performance).

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