Collage is a technique where materials of different sizes and weights are glued to a backing surface. The collage materials and backing surface determine the type of glue to be used.

Liquitex Acrylic Mediums are excellent glues for collage techniques. They provide easy, permanent, non-toxic adhering of most materials to any surface suitable for acrylic paint.


  • All surfaces should be free of dirt and grease.
  • Sand surface to insure proper adhesion to smooth surfaces such as plastic, metal and glass.
  • Absorbent Surfaces, such as paper, canvas and wood usually need no preparation.

For further information refer to: Part 2 Applications & Techniques: Surface Preparation


  1. Apply appropriate Liquitex Acrylic Medium to collage material, substrate or both.
  2. While acrylic medium is still wet, apply collage material to surface.
  3. If acrylic medium is absorbed into collage surface (some papers are very absorbent). Allow medium to dry. Apply a second coat. The second coat will not be absorbed by the collaged surface.
  4. If the acrylic medium is drying too fast, keep environment cool and humid.
  5. Allow acrylic medium to fully dry. Fluid Mediums 1-4 hours, gel mediums 24-72 hours, depending upon thickness of application.


Liquitex Acrylic Mediums are available in several formulations that vary in thickness and sheen. While each medium can be used with a variety of materials, some materials may require a specific medium.

For light weight and flat materials (paper, canvas, etc.) use Liquitex Fluid or Gel Mediums.

For heavy weight and 3-D materials (beads, rocks, etc.): Use Liquitex Gel Mediums.

Liquitex Fluid Mediums

Gloss Medium & Varnish

  • Dries clear with a gloss finish.

Matte Medium

  • Best adhesive qualities of any Fluid Medium.
  • Dries translucent to opaque with a matte finish.

Liquitex Gel Mediums

Gloss Gel Medium

  • Dries clear-translucent with a gloss finish.

Matte Gel Medium

  • Best adhesive qualities of any Gel Medium
  • Dries translucent to opaque with a matte finish.

Gloss Heavy Gel Medium

  • Dries clear, translucent with a gloss finish.

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